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The Department consists of six members viz. Dr. K. Shashikala Reddy, Dr.K.Swarna Latha, Sri T.Satyanarayana, Sri M.V. Ravinder Rao, Dr. V. Sudheer Reddy and Sri D. Srinivas.

The members of the faculty have specialized in Indian Writing in English, American Literature, Translation Studies and English Language Teaching. Several members of the Department are Ph.D, holders with rich experience in the teaching field. Some of the members have been to Europe, U.S.A. AND South-East Asia while some others have gone abroad for academic improvement.

The English Teacher’s Forum was started way back in 1978 with the initiation of Dr. T. Sudhakar Reddy, the then Head of the Department. The Deparment of English was actively involved in organizing several seminars, symposia, guest Lectures involving the noted scholars and writers like Mulk Raj Anand, Pro. C.D. Narasimhaiah and Prof. U.R. Anantha Murthy. Under the agies of Forum, later on, a series of programmes have been organisedinvolving the eminent Professors like S.Laxmana Murthy, P. Mallikharguna Rao, Pro. G. Damodar, and Prof. Gopar Rao of O.U.

From its very nascent stage, the department of English has been headed and followed by ambitious members who breathe academic, educational improvement. What ‘makes’ and develops a department is unity and dedication which are amply found in the members of the department.

The present faculty always agrees to disagree on certain issues but eventually evolves consensus and works for the interests of the students.

The instructional activity of the Department of English is not confined to the class room but goes beyond by way of counseling and encouraging the needy students morally, socially and financially. The Department lays emphasis on communication skills and expression in addition to the curriculum.

Several former students have gone to U.K., U.S.A. and Australia for higher studies. A good number of students have carved a niche for themselves by serving the society as Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers, computer professionals, teachers charted accountants, bureaucrats etc., thus letting the department and the college pride themselves on the job placements of the alumni


Language Lab

Language Lab was established in the year 1967 by Prof.G.Damodar a faculty member of the department of English. Presently Prof. Damodar is the head of the department of English of Kakatiya University. He has development CALL (Computer Assisted Language Learning). Since its inception the lab has been catering to the needs of the college students.

Present Lab has around 30 systems, LCD projector, Screen and Handycam.

The students are given hands- on- experience by enabling them to interact with language oriented software wearing head-phones and there by become proficient in English language.

To further strengthen the lab, the Department has taken guidance and help from Kakatiya University and National Institute of Technology, Warangal.

Recently the English Language lab is strengthened by adding of to it an
E-Smart class.

Campus Selections

The college established Jawahar Knowledge center (JKC) under the supervision and guidance of Andhra Pradesh council for Higher Education (APCHE). To impart training to the degree final year course students in English communication skills and analytical skills and there by help them face GR interviews conducted by different organizations. The training also bolsters their confidence in facing real – life problems.

The training is focused on improving their English language numerical and problem solving abilities. Several Mock HR interviews are conducted to five them simulated experiences Talks by experts and Psychologists are also arranged to enhance there self belief. The placement training helped them get into companies like Gen FRact, Sathyam Computers and call-centers.

High-Lights of the Department

The members of the Department are proficient enough to impart Language skills and life skills not only within the class rooms, but outside as well.

Mr. M.V. Ravinder Rao has also founded a literary body called Chelimi, a Sahitya Samskritika Adhayana Vedhika. On behalf of the vedika he has published several books on poetry and literary essays entitled (1) Alalu, (2) Nigrani etc.

He has translated many poems from Telugu to English vice versa. Pamphlets – he has written number of Pamphlets on socio – literary issues.

Apart from establishing ‘Vedika’, the literary organization, Mr. Raninder Rao is in-charge of ‘Center for Equal opportunities’. On behalf of it he conducted many programmes and arranged lectures by distinguished personalities like Dr. Chakrapani etc.

Mr. D. Srinivas has been taking coaching classes to the employees belonging to marginalized sections of Andhra Pradesh grameena Vikas Bank, Warangal in the district.

Dr.K.Swarnalatha, Reader is in-charge of cultural Programme officer of N.S.S. girls unit III in 2010-12. prior to it, she made antiplastic campaigns within the college.

She is an appointed member of
Anti-Ragging Committee.

Paper Presentation; Presented a paper titled “Meera Syal’s Anitha and Me : A study in Syncretism” in a National Seminar on The Expatriate Indian Writing in English held at university Post-Graduate college, Kakatiya University in September 2005. The paper was published later along with other seminar papers in a book form in 2006.  

Creative Writing: She writes number of Vachana Kavithalu which are published in different magazines and anthologies and translated many poems though never published them in book form.

Dr. V. Sudheer Reddy has also working in Admissions, Exam Branch, Displinery committee etc. He conducted many clean and green programs, Medical and Health Checkup camps. He was also in-charge warden of S.T. Students, Adviser of N.S.S. and in-charge of Student welfare center.

Paper Presented

Sri T. Satyanarayana presented a paper on the “Techniques of Translation” at the Hong Kong Science and Technology University, Hong Kong. He has contributed to the degree level course material for S.D.L.C.E of Kakatiya University.

Subject Experts

The member of the Dept., Dr. K. Shashikala Reddy, was invited as Subject Expert for Ph.D., FIP interview at ASM Degree College for Women, in 2005.

Another member of the Dept. Dr. K. Swarnalatha, was invited as a Subject Expert to interview the candidates for lecturers at Padmavathi Degree College for Women in the year 2003.

Placement/ MoU

The Department of English in particular and the college in general has signed an MoU with “Mighty Marketers”, Warangal, Job providers.

Bridge Classes

Every year Bridge classes are conducted.

Minor Research Projects

Three faculty members have applied for MRP and got sanctioned in the current year.

Remedial Classes

Remedial classes are conducted to make the weak and failed students catch up with other students.

Resource Persons

The former Head of Department of English, Dr. Syed Samiullah has acted as resource person in English for two Refresher Courses for college teachers and delivered Extension Lectures also.

Creative Writing

Two members of the Department, Dr. K. Swarnalatha and Sri M.V.Ravinder Rao, regularly write poetry in Telugu and some of thir work has been published.

Seminars/ Conferences Attended

The faculty has published research article and participated in a number of seminars and conferences.

Resource Persons/ Counsellors

The faculty members are associated with S.D.L.C.E (Kakatiya University) and Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Open University, study centre at this college as resource persons and counsellor.

Study Projects

Project work have been taken up by the students under the supervision of the faculty members.

Faculty Involvement

Our faculty members have been actively involved in organizing students educational tours, acting as NSS Pos, as students union advisors and in serving on other committees of the College.

Participation in Service Organizations

Our staff members have taken an active part in the service organizations of the college teachers at the State and District level in different capacities. Dr. K. Shashikala Reddy have organized several Medical Caps.

Refresh. Orientation Courses Attended

Several teachers attended All India English Teachers Conferences held at Delhi, Nagpur, Vizag, Mysore, Bangalore and submitted papers.

Conferences Attended

Several teachers attended All India English Teachers Conferences held at Delhi, Nagpur, Vizag, Mysore, Bangalore and submitted papers.

Inter Disciplinary Teachers Forum

A teacher’ forum is started by the department of the college to share intellectual knowledge among the staff. The Head of the Department of English is the convener of the forum.

Women’s Empowerment Cell

Women Empowerment Cell is established this year and a 45 day Vocational Training Certificate Course is organized by the two lady staff members (Dr. K. Shashikala Reddy and Dr. K. Swarnalatha) of the faculty. The girl students, the beneficiaries of the cell, have been taught to earn while you learn.


Dr. K Shahsikala Reddy and Dr. K. Swarnalatha supervise the students welfare centre and Students Grievance and Redressal Cell.

Extension Service to Community

Our staff members have been the active members in several social organizations such as Lions International, Rotary & Jaycees. They have been actively participating in organizations like ‘Lok Satta’ and ‘Citizen Forum’ and acted as Resource Persons for various programmes conducted by NGOs for the benefit of the downtrodden.

Teachers Forum

A bilingual Urdu-English extension lecture on “the Role of Urdu in the Freedom Struggle” was organized in coordination with the other language departments under the manner the Teachers Forum.


Senate Member

Dr. T. Sudhakar Reddy, former principal/ former faculty member was appointed the Senate Member, Kakatiya University, in 1978 and the member, Academic Council, KU.

Service to Community

Two former faculty members of the Department, namely Dr. T. Sudhakar Reddy and Sri P. Kodanda Rama Rao are office bearers in the district and state units of Lok Satta movement respectively.

Elevated Status

A former faculty member, Dr. D. Venkar Rao, is currently working as Professor of English Literature at the prestigious national institution, CIEFL., Hyderabad, after obtaining Ph.D. from United Kingdom.

A former faculty member, Dr. G. Damodar, is now working as Professor of English at the department of English, University College, Kakatiya University, Warangal.

A former faculty member, Dr. Syed Mujeebuddin, is currently working as faculty member in the Department of English, Kakatiya University after obtaining his doctoral degree from United Kingdom.

Overseas Service and Research

A former senior colleague, Sri E. M. Raj Kumar, is working in Australia.
Another former senior Colleague, Sri M.A.Azeem, worked in Libya and U.K. on lien and is now settled in Gulbarga, Karnataka.

Dr. Samiullah, the former head of the department, has been working in Libya as a Professor of English since his superannuation.  

Faculty Members

1. Dr. V.Sudheer Reddy - Reader & Head
         M.A, M.Phil, M.Ed, LLB, Ph.D
2. Mr. M.V. Ravinder Rao - Sr.   Lecturer
                    M.A, B.Ed.
3. Mr. D. Srinivas - Sr. Lecturer
         M.A, B.Ed.

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